You get what you get

Dealing with the gods in trance can be a dicey endeavor. Often they give me great advice or words of wisdom for my daily life. Most of the time. But today…

I went into trance to have a chat with Cerridwen to hopefully get a topic for this blog post. I did my breathing and lit some incense. The typical things I do to go into trance. Soon enough I was in an altered state of consciousness. I sent out word that I wanted to speak to Cerridwen. She appeared. She was stirring a huge caldron of bubbling liquid. I boldly asked her for help with a topic for this blog. She looked straight at me with her steely eyes blazing. She said “I am preparing the Awen. It is not yet ready. Come again another time for inspiration.”  Then the steam from the cauldron obscured her and she was gone.

Well. Indeed.

No wisdom for me today. No pithy wise remarks to share. Just come back later. Which I shall.

This was just an example of how you can’t have grand expectations for every trance session. Sometimes you’ll come up empty handed. And you need to try again later.

One thing I’ve learned in my years of trance work is you get what you get. Sometimes the veil is lifted and you see the multiverse in rich vibrant technicolor. Other time it’s in sepia. Other times it’s just a big blank. But I needed to learn to be grateful even for the blanks. They have their own wisdom to teach you. The wisdom of patience. The wisdom of perseverance. The wisdom of possibilities. Many lessons can be learned through a non answer answer. The gods communicate in many ways. One of those ways is through silence.

So no wisdom for me today from Cerridwen. Or was there?

Bleeding through

Sometimes something strange occurs when you spend some time traveling to the other Realms. Do it enough and you start to get bleed through. One Realm overlapping into another. This can be rather disconcerting. Especially when you experience it for the first time. But have no fear!  There are plenty of things you can do about this phenomenon.

First is to make sure you’re always properly grounded before you make an attempt at travel between the worlds. This is simply a matter of sitting with your feet flat on the ground. Focus on your breathing. Once it’s in a rhythm imagine roots  growing through the soles of your feet into the ground. With each exhale send the roots down deeper. Soon they’ll be at the core of the earth. Then on your next inhale draw energy up from the center of the earth into your body. Fill yourself with this energy. Once you feel full you’re free to go about the business of travel.

If the bleed through is interrupting your daily tasks simply do a quick grounding. Shake off the remnants of the other Realm. Stay focused on the here and now. Breathe. Stay calm. Be in control.

There may be times you welcome the bleed through. In those cases allow yourself the freedom to follow your consciousness to wherever it may go. Give yourself the opportunity to follow the lead of the multiverse. See where it takes you!

There’s nothing to fear from this. In all my years of practice I’ve never been sent anywhere bad or evil. If you keep your waking thoughts focused on the positive that’s what you’ll experience. Good comes from good.

So if ever you’re drifting into another Realm don’t panic!  Keep your wits about you and enjoy the ride!  Safe and productive journeys to you!