Full moon winter solstice

Tonight was a big double whammy. A full moon and the winter solstice. Plus the added bonus of a meteor shower. Wow!  Who could ask for more?

Unfortunately here in Chicago it was terribly overcast. So I couldn’t see the moon or the showers. But their power was there all the same.

I wanted to do a special ritual to commemorate the event. So here’s what I did.

As always before ritual I lit juniper incense. I got out my staff which is made from a branch gifted to me by “my” tree out in the forest preserve near where I live. I cast a circle of energy to make the space sacred. Then I pulled out my Druid drum decorated with a crow motif. It is dedicated to the Morrigan. I drummed and chanted nine “Awen”s. I then hailed the directions and wished them peace. I asked for peace throughout the multiverse.

I had lit a candle at the center of my ritual room before I began. I had placed an unlit candle at each of the four directions. Now I sat down in front of the central lit candle. As I focused on the dance of the flame I allowed my vision to become blurry. Soon I was in a working trance.

In this altered state I allowed my mind to wander back over the year that had passed. I thought about publishing my book and the success it has had. I thought about my progress on the path of Druidry. I thought about all the apprentices under my guidance. It has been a good year.

Then I blew out the candle. The room was totally dark. I drummed some more and called upon the light to return. Getting my lighter out of my pocket I lit the candles at each direction calling for light from that corridor. Then I lit the central candle again and the room was filled with candlelight. I hailed the return of the light with more drumming and chanting. Then I thanked the directions for being present and released them. I uncast the circle. My ritual was complete.

I realize I didn’t specifically call upon the moon. But in my intention the light I was calling included the moonlight. That’s how I chose to honor the full moon.

After the ritual I felt serene and calm. A sense of gratitude filled me. I was thankful for so much. And that’s how I would try to feel every day.

My dad the Druid

My father was very in tune with nature. This stems no doubt from being raised on a farm by farmers who lived close to the land. The passing of the seasons was paramount to their lifestyle. The raising of the sun each day marked a new beginning for them. The planting and nurturing and harvesting of crops proved to be a gateway to spirituality.

As I was raised in a small rural town but not actually on a farm my relationship with the land was more cut off than my father’s. Although I spent endless hours with my father doing his farm work I didn’t take the knowledge of the passing of the seasons and the mystery of the rising sun so much to heart. I observed rather than did.

As an adult my father became a drainage contractor as well as a farmer. He spent his life improving the land through hard work and use of all the knowledge he’d gained in his childhood and early adulthood. He would wake up at dawn to start each day. His day ended when the sun set. His ability to work was impacted by the change of seasons. Winters were spent fixing the machinery needed to do his work. Springs were spent planting crops. Summers were spent laying miles of tile to improve drainage on local farmer’s land. Autumns were spent harvesting what they had tended to during the earlier seasons. And this endless cycle continued for him. Each passing year brought new challenges and new triumphs. It was a simple uncomplicated life. And he lived it with his every breath.

He did instill in me a respect of nature. He did teach me the value of hard work. He did share with me one of his favorite memories from his youth that says to me more than anything that my father was a Druid. Although he would never admit it he was a Druid.

The tale he told me involved his farm and spring. At night when things had settled down for the day he would go out to a field and lay down on the ground between the rows of crops. And he would tell me that it was then that he could hear the crops grow. Magic to his ears. And a perfect anecdote to sum up my father’s life. It was by doing this ritual that he loved so much that I knew my father was secretly a Druid.

Years later after he had passed I was sleeping in my urban home cut off from the land and I had a dream. I dreamt my father came to me and simply said “Druid”. I immediately woke up with the word ringing in my ears. And the next morning I started my path in Druidry with the passion my father had for the land. Thanks dad.

New moon. New beginnings.

Tonight is the new moon. A perfect time to do magic about new beginnings. To send out into the multiverse intentions of things you plan to accomplish. Things that you can ask to have success with. The energy you send out at a new moon will come back to you in spades. So be sure that what you’re sending out is something that you truly desire!

To do a full moon ritual to send out into the multiverse first I light incense. Tonight I’ll be using juniper. Then I take out my Druid drum and hail the directions and ask for peace and a successful sending. Then I call upon the gods and ancestors. Tonight I’ll be calling Cernunnos and Cerridwen. And my parents. As the things I am going to be asking for success in are going to need nurturing and the power of the subconscious they seem to be natural choices.

What I’m hoping for success in is two new ventures. I started just yesterday writing a new book. It will be my second book. So far the words have been flying out of my fingertips. I want that to continue until the book is done. Secondly I’m about to receive my first mailing in the studies of an Ovate. This is something I care deeply about having success in. So I will ask for assistance in those affairs.

Then I’ll simply drum back out of the circle created by summoning the directions. I’ll send peace out into the multiverse. And I’ll be done.

Now will come the time of patience and trust. I must remind myself that these things will truly come to me in their natural time. I admit that’s the hardest part for me. Patience is not my strong suit !

New beginnings are always exciting for me. I love having something new to pursue. It makes me feel alive to be active. And so each new moon I try to find something to commemorate. This new moon is especially exciting. May the gods smile on my endeavors and help cause great success!