I’m dead

Yep. I’m dead. I’m not feeling anything spiritually right now. It’s been this way for several days. I just cannot connect to the astral realms. As I rely so heavily on direct communication with the gods for my practices this is a problem for me.

Ive gone through these dry spells before with my other path of Asatru. I always come out of them. But this is the first time it’s happened with Druidry. I’m sure it will pass. But right now it just sucks.

My ogham studies are at a dead stop. Even though I got a beautiful new set of ogham sticks. I’d have thought that alone would light a fire in my belly. Spur me on. Nope. They’re just sitting there quietly calling to me. I don’t feel like heeding the call.

I could be doing my OBOD studies. I just got a new set of lessons in the mail. That normally gets me back on track. But not this time. I’m ignoring them too.

I could read the Lore. There is so much I’ve purchased to read that it’s not for lack of material. I have plenty I could be reading. And I know I have so much to learn. No real excuses there. Just not feeling like it.

So what to do?  I feel all yuck and dry inside. Disconnected. Not a good feeling. I pride myself as being a spiritually driven person. My paths are who I am. They define me. I look to the other realms for guidance all the time normally. But right now it’s just ugh.

I’m sure this will pass. I’ll have a dream. Or I’ll have a successful trance session. Something will give. Eventually. But for now I stew in this feeling of yuck.

Theres much to do. I’m going to read my ogham books. I’m going to play with my new set of sticks. I’m going to do an OBOD lesson. I’m going to read some Lore. I’m going to get myself out of this funk somehow.

Ir maybe I’ll just go sit on a rock…

Wrestling with faeries

I’m having trouble believing in faeries. I know that they’re part of the lore. I know they marry humans sometimes. But really. Faeries?  Really?

As I understand the concept of faeries. They are a form of nature spirit. They assist in the growth of green things. They work magic. They assist humans when the mood strikes them. And I can buy all that.

I have no problem in believing in beings from other realms. I even believe they can cross over into our realm when they feel like it. I have witnessed firsthand the work of such beings. Having had a family farm in my youth I can tell you the growth of plants is nothing short of magic. You take a seed. You plant it. It gets rain. And poof! Soon you have a plant pushing its way up through the ground. Magic indeed. I can believe that there are entities behind the scenes in all that. Something’s at work there. Otherwise it simply defies imagination. No wonder our ancestors saw magic at work.

The Morrigan is said to be the queen of the faeries. She oversees all of their work. She helps decide what they will or won’t do. As queen she commands respect from her tribe. Again I can buy all of that.

Maybe I don’t have such a problem believing in faeries. Maybe I’m simply the victim of too many Disney films. I don’t believe that faeries are all pixies flitting about.

Maybe I need to start a regimen to invite them into my life. Some close encounters would be great. I wish I lived closer to nature now. It’s times like this I miss my youth.

Believing in faeries?  Maybe I’ll let them win this wrestling match!


Prayer plays a role in all spiritual paths. The act of prayer is a form of communication with the gods. It acts as a bridge between us and them. It serves as a strong foundation in my practices.

I pray mostly to offer thanks to the gods. Thanks is a good thing to be aware of and practice. We all have so much to be thankful for. Our loved ones. Our health. Our abilities to make it through one more day. And letting the gods know you’re thankful for the role they play in all of that is important.

I also use prayer to honor the gods. It makes a difference that you are taking the time out of your busy day to perform this act. Making time for the gods every day is something we can all aspire to. What better way to take that time then in honoring the deities who play a role in your lives?

I avoid Santa Claus prayers. Asking for things or intervention in an issue on my behalf. If I do offer those kind of prayers I’ll make sure I’ve exhausted every avenue offered to me in this realm. Help from the other realms is great and all but I think the gods appreciate those who do as much for themselves as they can.

Prayer for me also involves offering. I like to offer something to the gods I’m praying to. It is often something simple. Like incense. Or juice. No need to go overboard in this regard. Unless of course you feel it’s called for!  Let your imagination run wild here. I’ve offered crystals. I’ve offered ogham sketches. All seemed to be accepted gracefully by the gods. So I don’t feel hindered in types of items to offer.

Let prayer become a daily part of your routine. It will definitely help you build stronger relationships with the gods. It will help you achieve a calmer state of mind. And you’ll be performing an action that is sure to bring you some form of reward.

Making time for the gods

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in following this path over the past several months it’s that I need to make time for the gods. No matter how busy my life may become spending time with the gods needs to be a priority.

How do I spend time with the gods?  There’s a couple of ways. The first is through simple meditation. Taking time to quietly sit and clear my mind of most everything but the god at hand helps me build a relationship with that deity. I pick a god I want to be closer to. I sit quietly with some incense burning and meditate on that god and their attributes. This helps me build a bridge between our reality and theirs. New ideas may come to me dealing with my everyday life. It’s a time for honest communication with the deities in a nonpressured setting. This is an important skill for me in my spiritual practice.

For deeper communication with deity I go into trance. This is where I build my more lasting bonds. The act of going into trance helps my brain switch gears from the casual communication of meditation to a more serious communication. Trance work for me is also a vital part of my practice. There I can actually hold conversations with deities. I get more direct information. I find more answers. This is also vital to my building a bridge between the realms.

Then there’s the ritual. Doing ritual makes definite time for the gods. In my experience the full blown ritual with incense and drum and the structured action tells the gods that they’re important to you. I try to make time for a full on ritual at least once a week.

Can I make time to do one of these three things every day?  I try. But I know if I don’t I end up getting grumpy and nasty to be around. For that reason alone it is worth the effort.

Make time for the gods in your life. Only then will you reap the benefits of having relationships with deity in your own life!