Spring is the time of great promises. As the spring rains fall to the ground nourishing the plants around us and they draw that water up into themselves, the only thing that can happen next is green!  The great wonderful greening of the earth. The start of new things.

Spring is an excellent time to begin new tasks. Taking on a new task in your life now will mean that by fall harvest something miraculous will have occurred. You will have grown. Throughout the summer heat you will be experiencing growth of whatever task you have set for yourself. You will become something new. Spring means new life. New growth. What better way to celebrate the coming of spring than to set yourself a new goal?

The rain that falls in spring has a place as well. It is nature’s way of reminding us of our own potential to grow. As the rains fall from the sky simply remind yourself that it is a necessary part of new growth. We all become more than we were during this time. It is the nature of spring.

So with this new time of growth upon us I challenge you. Challenge you to set yourself a goal of growth that can see a harvest of in the fall. But don’t  be scared that your goal may not be fully achieved in one year. Set a big goal that may take tending for your lifetime. The sky is the limit!  The loftier the better!

I offer you the energy of spring. That grand time of renewal and growth. A time when all things are new. A time to cast off the old to make way for the future harvest. Let this time of the year embolden you to do great things!  Hurrah spring!

Chats with Ogma and Odin

I confess I do a lot of trance work. I journey to the other realms for knowledge not available to me otherwise. Two recent sessions resulted in knowledge from my Druid path god Ogma and from my Asatru path god of Odin. Here’s what happened.

One day I traveled to the Norse Realm of Asgard to attempt to talk to Odin. This is always a dicey prospect as he talks to me about as often as he doesn’t. This day he talked to me after me doing my whole drumming and chanting routines to get myself into trance. He appeared as he sometimes does. He seemed out of sorts. He asked me what I had come for. I told him wisdom. Then he drew himself up before replying.

“I will tell you nothing. It will be this way with all the gods here and in all the nine realms. The task you have been charged with is this. Learn to communicate with the gods of your new pantheon. Learn to travel in their realms. Until you have mastered this task no one here will offer you counsel. Learn of the new gods you wish to follow alongside us. Do this for your own good and growth.”

I must admit to being a little taken aback by these words. They seemed so…harsh. Granted it was a fine task to set for me. But to cut me off?  Seems unfair somehow.

So the next day I set myself the task of learning to navigate the three realms of Druidry. It seemed a strange way of doing things. It seemed like a shirt that didn’t fit quite right. But I keep pressing on.

After several days of this exploratory exercise routine I asked my Druid spirit ally Llewelyn to show me the ins and outs of this new multiverse. I also asked him to set up a meeting with a deity I had yet to really build a relationship with. This left things pretty wide open because even though I’d had cursory encounters with the deities of Druidry nothing like a relationship had been established with any of them. Llewelyn told me that I needed to meet with Ogma.

I was standing in a Grove. A mist suddenly arose and became so thick I couldn’t see. Then through the mist a man appeared. Gray hair. Piercing blue eyes. Llewelyn told me it was Ogma.

I told him he was just the party I needed to speak to.  I admitted I was having a great deal of difficulty with my ogham studies.

His answer was swift and firm.  “Study two of the few a week.  Get to know them very well.  Then move on to the next two.  In this way in ten weeks you will have learned them all.  Then tell me you’re having difficulty.”  He vanished in the mist.

I was very pleased with this advice.  It seemed easy enough to do and very practical.  Good stuff.

So I’m still taking exploratory excursions.  And this Monday I will begin the two a week plan.  I’m still a little miffed about the Norse gods going AWOL.  But I have new territories to chart and new gods to know.  Stay tuned for updates on my journeys!


Getting unstuck

I’m stuck. I admit it. My Druid studies are not going as I’d hoped. I’m not sure what I expected but I thought I’d be further along than I am.

Maybe it’s just that I’m comparing apples to oranges. My concurrent path of Asatru comes so easily for me. But of course that’s after two decades of work. And I’ve only been of the path of Druidry for 9 months. So when does it get easier?

I am doing the right things. I’m reading. Lots. As much as I can. I’m connecting with others on this path.   I belong to a wonderful Grove. So why don’t I feel a connection yet?

I have had some positive experiences connecting with the deities. I’ve been called by the Morrigan. I’m learning ogham. I write this blog which has been read by people all over the world. I’m studying through OBOD. And I am grateful for all of that. Yet there’s this nagging thought that I could be doing more. More to grow on this path.

I connected with a tree the other day in a forest preserve very near my home. It gave me a branch to create a wand from. I plan to use that wand tonight in my equinox ritual. This will be my first spring equinox as a follower of Druidry. We’ll see what that holds for me.

And this weekend I’m celebrating the event with my Grove. That should help.

So I’m doing what I can to get unstuck. I’ll be calling upon the gods for help in this issue. Maybe I’m just being impatient. Maybe I need to slow down and let things progress as they will. Maybe I need more time to season. Maybe I’m just letting myself get crazy over nothing.

I’ll see what the rest of the week has in store. Connecting with the gods has always been a thing for me. May the gods be with me. Please gods help me get unstuck!

Foreseeing the future

98E0B70D-4A56-4EC9-9588-C9A5DC39A64FThere are  many forms of divination to foresee the future and simply gain insight into an issue. From tarot to the runes mankind seeks answers to pressing questions through these mediums. What was there for the Druid then?  As someone who turns to these mediums in practice and study I needed to find out the Druidic counterpart once I began on this path 8 months ago.

It didn’t take me long to discover ogham. This cryptic alphabet in many ways resembles the runes I had been using and studying for decades.   As a divination system it in many ways was very much like the runes. A set of meanings was assigned to each letter. These were drawn in different layout sequences to speak of the future. Of course their use doesn’t stop there. Simply gaining insight into a situation is another way the ogham is used. Also powerful magic uses are claimed by those who use this system. I don’t know too much about magical applications of the ogham. I’m still studying and learning!

In a book on Druidry I read early on my path was a mention of the use of crystal balls by the Druids. I had never heard of this before so I did what anyone seeking information in this day and age does. I went to Google!  And sure enough I found several hits on the use of crystal balls by Druids. Most sources claimed this practice dated back to years BCE. So I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a crystal ball. I got it and started to practice with it. Sure enough I got glimpses into the future. Many of those visions turned out to be true when checked for verification.

In our undying thirst for knowledge we turn to many sources. Those on the path of Druidry are no different. And I foresee this will be the case as long as mankind exists.

What are the gods?

One of the most basic and most baffling questions of our path must certainly be what exactly are the gods?  It’s a question I grapple with on a nearly daily basis.

There’s the camp of people who simply believe that the gods are 100 percent separate from ourselves and have independent existence. How else could we experience their hands in our lives if that were not the case?  If we admit that the gods work actions in our lives then they must be their own entities. I accept this train of thought up to a point. I have seen firsthand how the gods work in our lives. If they were not entities outside of ourselves how could we explain so many different phenomena?  Chance?  Fate?  Coincidence?  None of those answers are completely fulfilling to me. I believe there must be an entity outside of myself making certain events occur. Maybe that makes me naive or just plain simple minded. But my experiences in this multiverse leads me to this belief.


There’s another part of me that believes that the gods are merely archetypes of our own psyche. This belief contends that humans are just too multidimensional of creatures to be explained simply. That we are fully capable of creating pantheons to simply explain our human experiences. Nothing outside of ourselves. Simply a way of explaining and experiencing the human condition through our own imagination

I vacillate between these two very different ways of viewing our gods.  I believe both versions have validity.  I believe neither is totally wrong.  Or totally correct.  So I’m definitely of two minds on this issue.  Makes me a bit crazy sometimes.  But I feel it gives me a deeper experience of the gods.  What are the gods?  Maybe I’ll never have a completely satisfactory answer for that question.  But it’s a rewarding journey trying to figure it out!


A little branch

00864CB4-BE1B-427D-8206-5D6495F2AB12Today my husband brought me out to the local forest preserve. It was my intention to find a tree that spoke to me to revisit throughout the seasons of the year. This was to become my tree. For visits. For contemplation. For my own personal growth in regard to the changing seasons. I am an urban dweller and desperately seek a connection to nature. This tree will serve as a part of that Connection.

So I went to the woods and quieted my mind. I looked at trees. I touched them. Finally one of the trees spoke to me. This was my tree.

It was a swamp oak. It’s leaves were completely barren of leaves. It was quiet. It had strength. It’s roots were somewhat gnarled. It spoke to me with impressions of wisdom. And laying on the ground next to the tree was a little branch. About a foot long and an inch in thickness. It was a gift from my tree to me.

I picked up the branch and silently thanked the tree. Then it was back to home.

I cleaned off the bark from one end of the branch. I said a little prayer of thanks while I did so. This was to serve as my Druid wand.

The wand will be used for the primary task of raising energy in ritual settings. I will use it to gather energy for the additional umph it will provide. I have used wands before. They have been crystal wands. This is my first wooden wand.

My hope is that this wand’s Connection to a living thing will provide a new avenue for me to access energy previously unavailable to me. Time and experience with it will tell. For now I’m just thankful that my new friend the tree offered me such a wonderful gift. The offerings from nature abound if only we are aware of them.

Nobody at home

This morning I wanted to blog. To get an appropriate topic I did what I generally do. Went into trance. So I’m in my trance and I call out to Llewelyn. No reply. I try again. Dead air. I tried several more times with no response before finally giving up the ghost. Chalk it up to nobody home.

That’s the way it is with trance work sometimes. You can do all your regular steps to trance. You can actually be in a trance. And nothing will happen. Nothing at all.

Whenever these non events occur I’ve learned to cut my losses and move on with my day. Sometimes I just get a whole lot of nothing.

Trance work doesn’t always result in a rewarding romp through the Otherworlds. If it did I might be tempted to live in that state permanently. But other forces larger than myself thankfully know better. They make sure I stay anchored to this realm first and foremost.

There is plenty to be done in a trance state for certain. But there’s even more to do in a state of ordinary consciousness. Laundry. Dishes. Walking the dogs. Just because I can do trance work doesn’t mean I always should. I have to remind myself that there’s plenty to attend to here. Or be reminded.

I’ve been an experienced trance worker for the past seven years or so. Doesn’t seem to matter how much experience I gain. There’s always something new to learn. Like the lesson of silence.

Being unable to successfully trance this morning doesn’t make me a failure in the whole process. It just means other things needed my attention more pressingly. And that’s okay.

So my plan for today has been a bit altered. I’m not going to travel to the Otherworld to gain wisdom and insight. I’ll find wisdom and insight in this realm. That’s what I got out of today’s trance session!

Words from the gods

Someone asked me where and how I pick the topics for my blog. That’s easy. I don’t pick the topics. They come to me from the gods. Here’s how it works.

I go into trance. I get in touch with my Druid spirit ally Llewelyn. Sometimes he shows other times not. But when he does show I ask him to help me in finding a topic. That’s when things get fun.

Next he’ll tell me he’s going to put me in touch with one of the deities for some wisdom on this matter. Soon I’m in the presence of the Morrigan or Cerridwen or some other god. I ask them for a topic. And most often sure enough they present me with a topic. I thank them and get to writing. At that point I find the words just flow out. Help from the gods is a good thing!

Sometimes Llewelyn himself will give me a topic. I find that his wisdom is no less reliable in this particular matter. So either way I get a subject for my blog. Cool!

So. The big question now is do I really believe the topics are coming from the gods?  Or am I just accessing different parts of my own brain while in an altered state?  Which is the true answer to this concern?

Short answer is that I really don’t care much!  If it’s from the gods or just dredged up from the depths of my subconscious the outcome is the same. I get my topics. I write here on this blog. And people read it. That’s all that really matters to me.

I personally lean towards the choice that it’s the work of the gods. Their wisdom informs me and their words come into my mind. I’m far too brain addled to write this stuff on my own!

But I also believe that I am human and bound to make mistakes. So I certainly don’t think this blog is anything like the inherent words of the deities. There’s going to be my own stuff getting in the way. No channel is ever perfectly clear. Noise happens. And with me there’s s lot of crackling and buzz sounds in the broadcast.

So that’s how I write this blog. It’s a cool process for me. Try it out yourself!