New robe. New me.

DB1E2661-F296-4D13-94FE-030BEDC652C9This is my new Druid robe. Meant to be worn only for the private rituals I conduct in the privacy of my ritual room. As such I’m not concerned about being mistaken as a member of the KKK. Which is ridiculous as I have an African American daughter and biracial grandkids. Anyway…

I chose the color based on images I received during trance. White robed Druids performing ritual. They all had white hoods as well. It was this image that I carried with me on my shopping. No other deeper meaning than what came to me in trance. I didn’t think about Druid grades or anything like that. I just saw this group of Druids performing ritual in white hooded robes. That seemed enough for me.

Why a robe at all?  What difference does it make what you wear during ritual?  The answer of course is it makes no difference really. But the outfit can set a tone for the proceedings. And that’s my hope. I want to set a more sacred and serious tone to my private rituals. One where the dogs barking and heater coming on have no real place. A serious and serene environment. Donning a special garb can help make that happen.

As I’m limited by budget and abilities to mass produced items I think I found a good match. MS prevents me from sewing as I used to. So it’s off to Amazon when I need something.

Did the people who produced this garment have any idea what I would use it for?  Absolutely not. But it’s the power of my intention that makes it a sacred object. The power of my thoughts can overcome its humble beginnings to create a new sacred robe suitable for my ritual use.

I’d like to get a blue cord to act as the belt. Other than that I think it’s perfect for my use.

What about you?  Do you have any sacred items of dress that you use for ritual?

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