A very druid day!

So yesterday was a day full of Druidry. With Samhuinn approaching things seem to be moving at a frantic pace in my development on the Druidry path.

Yesterday I received two big tools to be used in my druid studies. The first was a harp. I plan to study it as part of my Bardic path in OBOD. There’s one challenge!

Then I received from England an ogam set of sticks. They are on the small side but beautifully made. I’m very pleased with them. I had originally decided not to study ogam because of the similarities with runes. But the more research I did the more apparent it became that they were meant to be a part of my path. Who am I to question the hints or smacking with a board upside the head of the multiverse?  Okay. So I’ll study ogam too!

Then a friend contacts me to tell me about a dream she had. In her dream I was wearing a green druid robe and carrying a large book. I was speaking Gaelic. And the Morrigan was hovering in the background. Sounds like even others were part of my druid day!

At the beginning of the year I did a magical rune sending that this year be full of spiritual growth. I figured it would be under the guise of Asatru. Which also has sped up. I have vitki apprentices now. But Druidry wasn’t even on my radar. I knew nothing about it. I’m not Celtic by ancestry. But I had that dream four months ago of my father saying the one word Druid to me. And then it all started.

I now do both druid and vitki rituals. I am a member of ADF and OBOD. My studies are yielding some amazing results. I took to this path running. And I’m just stubborn enough to continue!

I have much learning to do. But the gods keep dropping resources into my lap to follow. Everything is flowing smoothly if a little fast. My trust in the gods will carry me through. After all I have the Morrigan at my back!

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