Meeting Morrigan

This happened a month ago when my departed father first came to me in a dream and uttered the word “Druid”.  I had done no real research on the subject yet. But since I’m talented in trance work that is the first thing I turned to. I had the day before been introduced to my Druid spiritual ally Llewellyn. I decided to call upon him to try to reach the Druidry deities. Here’s how it went.

I got myself into a trance state. I called upon Llewellyn. He made his presence known. I asked him if there was a god or goddess I should be studying. He said “Morrigan”.  I then asked him if I could meet this deity.

It suddenly became foggy. Out of the fog three figures appeared. They came towards me. I soon saw that they were female. The one on the left was raven haired and dressed for battle. The one in the middle was white haired and dressed in a white gown. She carried a crystal ball. The one on the right had red hair and was dressed in green.

Which was Morrigan I wondered to myself. I didn’t understand. But I decided to let things play out.

The one on the left said “I am here to teach you to be a warrior”.  Perfect as I battle against MS every day. The one on the right said “I am here to teach you a love of nature”.  I needed that if I were to study Druidry. The one in the middle said “I am here to teach you prophecy and magic”.  They they disappeared into the fog.

I was suddenly snapped back into ordinary consciousness. Now I had more questions than answers. Time for some real time research.

I did an internet search on Morrigan. What I discovered of course is that that is the collective name given a group of three goddesses. Which explained my trance vision. I had been visited by three goddesses who were one. I had met the Morrigan.

Since then I’ve done more research. I still can’t say I understand in full. But I am hooked. I have pledged myself to her and her study. I will see where this path leads. Each day something new unfolds. And I am thankful she chose to speak to me.

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