On the solar eclipse

I had anxiously been awaiting the solar eclipse. For a month the excitement had been building up inside me. I planned to do a ritual on this day when the energies were at historical levels. I planned ahead what to do. I was ready.

As the time arrived for the eclipse I started my ritual by lighting incense. Next I lit candles. I grounded and centered myself. I was ready to begin.

I called upon the Gatekeeper. I asked him to open the gates between the realms. Once I had felt the energy shift I raised my arms and called upon all the Shining Ones. I called upon the Nature Spirits. And I called upon the ancestors. They were to bear witness to my oaths.

When I felt the energy in the room raise again I made an oath to follow the path of Druidry. I asked the assembled spirits to assist me in this goal. I asked them to help me find the strength and motivation to follow this path. I asked them to guide me on this new journey.

I next turned my attention to my crystal ball. Placing my hands on it I asked the assembled spirits to cleanse it of any negative energy. I dedicated the ball to Morrigan the goddess of prophecy. I oathed that the ball would be used to positive purposes. As the energy of the ball was raised I thanked the assembled ones for their assistance in this special matter.

That being accomplished I sat there feeling the energy in the room. It was very high. I closed my eyes. As I sat there eyes closed I had a vision. I was standing before a huge oak tree. I knew it was an oak from all of the acorns littering the ground. I was overwhelmed by the urge to collect the acorns. I started picking them up and putting them into all of my pockets. I did this rapidly and with a sense of urgency. Then I heard a voice tell me I had collected enough for now. I could return another time to collect more. I thanked the oak for the gift. Then the vision faded away.

I opened my eyes. I thanked the assembled spirits for their being with me. I thanked them for hearing my oath.  I asked the Gatekeeper to close the gates. As the light began to return from the eclipse I felt the energy in the room return to normal. I blew out the candles.

I thought about the vision I’d had and what it could mean. Upon reflection I decided the acorns were pieces of knowledge that I was gathering on my trip down this new path. I was going to collect much wisdom. But I can always return to the tree to collect more. May this vision turn true!


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