I’m learning that divination is an important aspect with Druidry. Right up my alley!  I have experience in divination. But I wanted to do something authentic to the Druid Path. Time for some research!

I have 20 years experience using the runes for divination. I read Runes almost daily. They help provide me with structure in my otherwise unfocused life. I do not claim to foresee the future very well. It’s a shortcoming of my practice. I am able to foresee some future events though. So I need to build on that.

A quick internet search lead me to orgham. As I did more research on this avenue the more similar to runes it seemed. Not what I was looking for. I wanted a form of divination that was Druid in origin but different from the runes. Time for more research.

I was reading a book on Druidry and in that book’s section on divination the mention of crystal balls came up. I didn’t understand why because I had never thought of crystal ball gazing to be a particular skill of the Druids.   More research needed.

A quick search on the internet yielded several different sources citing the Druids and crystal balls. Going back into a time BCE the Druids were known to divine events using crystal balls. Good enough for me!  Crystal ball gazing it is!

So I finally found a unique means of divination that traced its history back to the Druids. I will definitely not give up my rune casting but will add the use of a crystal ball to the mix. My crystal ball has been ordered and I am greatly looking forward to adding this new to me Druid practice to my life. I’ll keep you posted how it all goes!

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