Meeting a Druid ally

When I started exploring this path a little over a month ago I was overwhelmed. So much to take in and learn about. I was feeling a bit adrift. I know in my concurrent path there are spiritual allies I can turn to for help. Was there a Druid counterpart?  I figured it was time to find out.

In Asatru when I need to contact a spiritual ally I go into trance. I figured it would work the same way here. I got out the scents and drum. Time for a trance.

Normally when drumming I chant the name of the ally I wish to connect with. Here I had no clue. So I just started chanting the word “Druid” as I drummed. That seemed to work as I was in a trance rather quickly. I kept my intention in mind. Do I have a Druid spiritual ally?

Soon I was in a large field of grass. There was a circle of stones in the middle of the field. The stones were large enough to sit on. I headed towards the nearest stone to sit down. It was quiet. But I could feel the energy crackling as I approached the stone circle. I realized it was somehow alive.

I went up to the nearest stone. I put my hand out to steady myself as I sat down. At making contact with the stone surface I felt a bolt of electricity shoot up my arm. At the same moment I heard a deep booming voice. “I am here” it said. I asked if he was my Druid spiritual ally. “I am. My name is Llewellyn.”  My mind raced with questions to ask. I managed to spurt out how am I to learn?  “I have already placed tools in your path. Use them.”  But what am I to study first?  “Morrigan” was the answer. Then all was silent. I had met a spiritual ally and learned his name. And he had given me homework!

I came out of my trance. I wrote everything I remembered in my journal. Then I turned to find out more about Morrigan.

So it really began. I was forming a relationship with the Shining Ones. I was given guidance. I was truly on my way.


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