Dedicating myself

After a month or so of studying druidry since I heard the call I decided I was ready to make an oath to the Spirits that I will seriously follow this concurrent spiritual path. I was ready to do a ritual to declare my choice to the Divine and Spirit allies.

As I am not a stranger to ritual I was not too concerned about the exact format. I decided to use a ritual outlined by an ADF member in one of his books. I went into my ritual room. The moon was at its fullest last night so I felt it was an auspicious time to do this. My rather humble druid later was prepared earlier in the day. I lit some incense and was ready to begin.

I got myself into a pattern of rhythmic breathing. I grounded myself.  I called the four quarters. I cast a circle of energy to create sacred space. Then I sat down in front of my altar which faces east.

I asked the Gatekeeper to open the gates to the other realms.   Once I felt a flowing of energy between the realms I called on the Earth Mother. I allowed myself some time to feel a connection with her. The grounding I had done earlier became deeper. I asked her to be with me on this new path. I asked her to keep me grounded in this work. I thanked her for her help.

I lit a candle to the Spirit of Flame. I called on it.   I focused on the flame as I started to sense a new energy in the room. After sitting with the energy for a bit I asked the Spirit of the Flame to burn inside me with creativity. I had images come to me of me doing ritual and walking outdoors. I thanked the Spirit for its assistance.

Now I turned my attention to the cauldron of water. I called upon the Spirit of the Well. I sat there feeling a new energy. The room got noticeably cooler. I took some water and placed it on my forehead. As I sat there feeling the coolness of the water I asked the Spirit of the Well to be with me. I asked that my search for wisdom be as deep as a bottomless well. Images of books flying by entered my vision. I thanked the Spirit for guidance in this issue.

Then I called on the Nature Spirits to hear my oath and bear witness.

Next I called upon my ancestors. I focused on a photo of my parents as I did this. While doing this I felt the energy circle I had cast expanding to allow more sacred space. I asked the ancestors to be with me on my path. I heard my mother’s voice telling me that everything I had experienced and learned had lead me to this time and spiritual place. I thanked the ancestors for their help on my way.

I then called upon the Shining Ones. I asked them to hear my oath and guide me on this path. I asked them to help keep me on the path of Druidry when I sta. I asked them for sure footing as I traveled. I thanked them for their help in this issue.

Now in front of all the assembly of Spirits I made my oath. I promised to follow this concurrent path wherever it may lead me. I oathed to take this matter seriously and hold it close to my heart. I oathed my dedication to the Path of Druidry. I then thanked the Spirits for hearing this promise and asked for their help and guidance. I suddenly felt light hearted and full of joy.

I called the Gatekeeper to close the gates. I opened the circle of energy creating ordinary space again. The ritual was ended.

I felt very energized but tired at the same time. I felt certain I would be able to fulfill this oath. I felt new purpose and a sense of connectedness. This was the right path at the right time. I was truly on the Path of Druidry. I await whatever is to be revealed to me next. I am ready.

2 thoughts on “Dedicating myself”

  1. Indeed, it was a majestic full moon! A wonderful day for dedication.

    Thank you for these musings, I enjoy reading them very much.


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