Wisdom from Cernunnos…sort of

The other day for my trance session I decided it was time to attempt a meeting with the Horned God Cernunnos. Here’s what happened.

I got myself settled and drummed myself into light trance. I was in my Grove. I stayed there a bit. Then I said to the trees that I had the desire to meet with Cernunnos. Out of the quiet woods there came a centaur with huge horns growing out of his head. He was very tall and imposing but I felt no danger from him. He said “You asked to meet with me.”  I told him I was hoping to gain from him any wisdom he might share. He quietly replied “Come” and picked me up with his impossibly strong arms and placed me on his back. Silently he began walking out of the forest. Soon we were at the edge of a clearing. It was a beautiful grassy field. It was twilight. In the center of the clearing was an impressive henge of stone.

Around the inside of the henge there was a circle of people walking the perimeter. Each carried a lit candle and they were all dressed in white robes. They were chanting in a foreign language. I was lifted off the back of my companion. “Go” he said. So I cautiously approached the henge.

As I walked closer a woman from the circle of walking people came towards me. She was older and had a glowing aura about her.

She asked me my business there. I told her that I was seeking wisdom. In a clear strong voice she told me that I was to stay on ny current path and seek the wisdom of the ancients. She assured my there was great wisdom to be found in the ancestors and ancients. Then she rejoined the circle. Suddenly I was snapped back into ordinary consciousness.

So I will try to follow her advice. I will seek the wisdom of years gone by more whole heartedly. I have up to now been only giving scant time in my studies to reading the lore. Guess it’s time to change that.

Wisdom gained with the help of Cernunnos…

Twins beautiful and ugly

I did a trance session this morning. I was seated in my Grove quietly taking it in. Suddenly out of the trees came two children. A boy and a girl. They were holding hands.

They were about 5 years old. The girl was beautiful. Long blonde hair. Blue eyes. The boy was misshapened and ugly. The girl seemed very serious. The boy was dancing and happy.

Immediately I thought of Cerridwen and her two children. Two children from the same source. But remarkably different. Light and dark. Beautiful and ugly. The polar opposite of each other. Much like the universe itself. The two halves that makes a whole.

But in this scenario my visitors made little sense. The beautiful child was serious and somber. The ugly child was happy and dancing about. What did this mean?

The beautiful little girl came to me and sat in my lap. She leaned into my ear to whisper. “Beauty must be taken seriously. Ugliness must be approached with a light and happy heart. That’s my secret.”

She climbed off my lap. Her stride was purposeful. She went over to her ugly brother and took his hand. He was still dancing. She lead him and they disappeared into the woods they had come from. They had given me their message.

I came out of trance. I started thinking about what I had just experienced.

These twins were aspects of myself I knew. Representing my ugly and beautiful sides. My lightness and darkness. But there was a hitch. The beautiful side was somber and serious. The ugly side was happy and joyous. Not what I’d expect from these two.

Then I thought about what the girl had whispered into my ear. My beautiful self must be taken seriously. And my ugly self must be taken with joy in my heart.

It made me think about how I had been taking my ugly self too seriously. And allowing my beautiful self to be brushed aside. I had been taking the wrong approach. I needed to reshape my thoughts so that I could grow. Not taking my ugly self so seriously suddenly made sense. And I needed to take my beautiful self seriously and with care.

A big challenge for me.  But I will take this message to heart and try to reshape my thinking.  See if it helps me to grow spiritually.  See if I can make a change in myself.

The lessons learned in the Grove…

The Elements

The Elements are a basic concept of Druidry. Most Druids deal with five core Elements. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Spirit. These five Elements  make up what is known of our realm. What we can taste, smell, feel, hear and see.  Basic stuff but complex as well.

The concept of the Elements goes back thousands of years. It seems as if these concepts have been with us for as long as man has been trying to explain his surroundings and experiences. How do we use them today?

I use the Elements in my rituals. Earth is represented by the earth my potted plants thrive in. The plants surround the whole of my ritual room. Air is represented by the incense I burn for each ritual. The smoke wafting up through the air is symbolic enough. Fire is represented by the flames of the candles I burn. Their flickering light casts an eerie tone to the proceedings. Water is represented by the cauldron I put water into. It helps to purity the space. And spirit is represented by the Druid themself. Being in ritual alone brings forth a spiritual aspect to light. These are the ways the Elements are represented in my ritual work.

These five Elements form the building blocks of our universe as we know and experience it. Powerful symbols of the multiverse. There is nothing that occurs that cannot be explained by these core Elements. Get them working for and with you and there is no stopping what you can accomplish!


I admit I have a fear of Druidry. Not the concept but the execution and details of it.

There is so much to learn!  That’s a large part of my fear. It’s daunting. The lore. The pantheon. All seven months into this path still largely unknown to me. Granted I know more now than I did when I started this path. But there’s so much more!  I’m developing a phobia of it all. Fear based of course!

Then there’s the whole trance work element. I’m an experienced trance worker. I’ve been doing it the last six years as a Vitki. But this Druid trance stuff is somehow different. First of all there’s only three realms not nine as in Asatru. And I have a good working map of those nine realms. This only three thing scares me somehow. So I get confronted by the fear and just do nothing. Not the best reaction granted. But that’s been my experience so far.

I realize these are irrational fears. Being irrational doesn’t make it less real!  I know I can read the books. I know I can do trance to make a map of the three realms. I know all this. But I remain paralyzed.

I suppose this fear could be masking excitement. I admit to having excitement about this path. I was even started down this path by an unconventional manner. That excites me. And what I’ve learned so far about Druidry excites me. So there’s that option. Somebody once said fear is just a mask for other strong emotions.

Maybe this is just newbie growing pains. Maybe it’s just that I’m impatient. Which I am on both accounts.

I need to just let things unfold at their own pace.  I need to stop holding myself up to some impossible ideal of my own creation  I need to relax into it.  Not force it.

Or maybe I just need to get over myself and tackle the work at hand. I don’t know!  Ugh!

He is a she!

So after my Imbolc experience with Brigid I of course wanted to find out more about this ancestor that she had shown me. Doing more trance work I found out the following information.

The figure she had shown me I assumed was male. Mostly because of the clothing. But upon my visit to that vision I discovered he was a she!  Her name is Anna. She worked her family farm because he three brothers all had farms of their own. She had two other sisters both of whom were married off. She was the eldest of her family. And big boned. That’s the other reason I thought she was a he. From a distance she resembled any man working the earth.

She lived in the late 1400s. As far back as we can factually check my families is the late 1500s. So no real way to fact check. But as the sole worker of her family farm she knew nature well. She lived a very simple life. She was in tune with the cycles of the year. She measured time by the earth cycles. In many ways she lived as a Druid.

She was friendly but busy. She told me my interest in herbology was mostly due to her influences. I also got the sense that she was my direct ancestor linkage to Druidry. She was my main tug at my following this path.

I plan to do more trance sessions to get to know her. I have many questions to ask her. I’m sure she has much wisdom to share. Wisdom about living a life closer to the earth. Wisdom about the changes of seasons. I will find out what I can from her. A new valuable resource. May our relationship bloom like her farm.


I completed my Imbolc ritual. Using the format I’ve grown accustomed to over the last six months I settled in to do some holiday work. Here’s what happened.

First I called the quarters. North is bear. Earth. East is hawk. Air. South is stag. Fire. And West is salmon. Water. I use a drum when calling quarters. So I create quite a ruckus!

Next I lit juniper incense as an offering to the shining ones. The energy I was getting was very calm and serene. I basked a bit in this energy. Not too often I feel calm!  Then I was ready to move on.

Next came a prayer for peace. Druids were peacemakers after all. Then it was time to invoke Brigid. I called upon her asking for her presence and hoping for words of wisdom. The energy in the ritual room became electric. I took this to mean she was here.

I addressed her directly. What words of wisdom did she have for me?  The answer came in a rich female voice. Continue on your path it said. Keep up the studying. And it said one more thing that surprised me. You are born for this she told me. It is in your blood.

My immediate thought was I have traced my family back to the 1600s  on both sides. Both sides are German. Reading my thoughts she sent me an image. An image of a man in a wide brimmed hat tending to a field. He was dressed in rough peasant wear. This must be the ancestoral linkage she spoke of. I got a strong sense of earth from this farmer. Perhaps he’s the one who worshipped nature and could call himself a Druid.

Then the voice warned me that the tie to this path was tenuous. But through the work I’m doing spiritually the tie was strengthening   That I am remembering the wisdom of this man. Try to reach out to him she said. Then she was gone.

Quite a ritual I had!  And being shown the one who is my tie to the path of Druidry was powerful. Now I see that this ancestor predates the 1600s. He is earlier than that. And he lived a life close to the earth. Some much more to do trance sessions on!  The first gift of Spring is this information. Now to follow through as best I can. Praise to Brigid!

Encountering Cerridwen

I had such success meeting with Taliesin that I thought I’d try another deity. This time I choose to reach out to Cerridwen. She does play a big role in the tale of Taliesin after all.

First I called upon Llewelyn my Druid spirit ally. I told him my intention to speak with Cerridwen. He agreed the time was right for me to do so. And so he summoned her.

I was in a large grassy field with rock outcrops. It was still and silent and sunny. Suddenly a hawk flew into eye range. It circled a few times. I stated my intention to meet Cerridwen. The hawk landed on one of the rocks. I stood below looking up. As I watched the hawk shimmered between the shape of the hawk and that of a crouched woman. Finally it became only the woman. She stood up and stretched. Then she called out that she was Cerridwen and was the mighty goddess of all things magic. She stood with the sun gleaming behind her. She was mighty in magesty. With arms outstretched she greeted me with firm voice. I have come to collect herbs she told me. And she climbed down off the rocks and started searching the field. Into a burlap bag strung across her back she quickly and efficiently gathered her herbs. Trying to catch her attention I called out to her asking what I should be doing about magic. She replied that I knew everything I needed to know. She told me it was time to take action. She went back to collecting her herbs. Next thing I knew she had vanished. My trance was over.

I pondered over what she had said. I knew I had been studying magical workings for years. But I lacked the self confidence to act. She had told me rather briskly to just do it. A message I was not ready to hear but a valid one.

I resolved to put learning into action. I burnt incense. I did a ritual. And I did a small magical working for myself. Time will tell if I gain enough confidence to continue. With Cerridwen behind me how can I fail?

Meeting Taliesin

So I did a trance session today to meet with Taliesin. I was seeking wisdom. Here’s what I got.

First I called upon my Druid spiritual ally Llewelyn to arrange a meeting. He was willing to set it up. He asked me what I seeked. I told him and suddenly we were off.

I was in a forest. Trees everywhere. I called out for Taliesin. Nothing. I called again and a man came skittering around a tree and asked what I wanted. I told him I sought wisdom from Taliesin. He laughed and ran off into the trees.

I ran after him. He would get into my sight for a moment than quickly disappear. This went on for a while. Me chasing and catching up only to be left in the dust. Finally I caught up with him after quite a while and he stood there laughing. He told me he had taught me enough for one day. Then the trance suddenly ended.

What lesson had I been given?  What wisdom had I learned?  Then it dawned on me.  The hunt.  The pursuit.  That was the lesson to be learned.

I thought  about all of the pursuits in my life.  The pursuit of knowledge:  The pursuit of wisdom.  The pursuit of understanding.  All these were my pursuits.  Perhaps the lesson was that the joy is in the pursuit itself.  The Hunt.  I need to find the joy and happiness in the action of hunting.  Not worry so much about the acquisition.  This is a life long chore.  Not a passing fancy  I need perhaps to accept the pursuit as it’s own reward.  Big lesson for me.

So that was my first meeting with Taliesin.  Hopefully not the last.  Wisdom was gained.  What more can I expect from meeting with a deity?



All things are impermanent. I have recently been reminded of that fact with my sister recently having switched realms. And then my drum head cracked. All things are impermanent I’m reminded. Even the best things come to an end.

Except our gods. And the lessons and energies they represent. They have been with us since the dawn of mankind. Our need to explain the world around us persists. And has been that way for eons. The gods offer us the way to get a handle on reality.

I have found myself turning to the Morrigan during this time of grief. She has helped show me the lessons of impermanence.  Her wisdom has been a much needed voice in the jumble of my thoughts. She slows me that death is just another phase we all will face. How we face it is up to us. What lessons we learn during such times depends on our willingness to be open.

The gods will endure. After the last Druid has left this realm they will simply lie dormant waiting to be rediscovered. They will remain. That’s as close to permanent as we can hope for.

Druid dream 2

I had an interesting dream the other night. My husband and I were traveling in Ireland. The flyers of things to do spoke of the Druid Path as an attraction. I told my husband I wanted to go check it out. He agreed.

Off we went. We finally arrived at the location given in the flyers. It was a large green pasture with a stream running through it. The stream sprang up from the earth. It also had been paved. In some areas it was paved with large flat rocks. Other areas it was just paved with gravel. The stream ran down a large hill. The gimmick of the attraction was to walk in the stream down the hill and not fall in the process. I immediately told my husband I wanted to try. He agreed. Off I went to try my luck.

A large group of people had gathered to see if I would be successful. I went up to the man in charge to pay my fee. He had longish curly hair and glasses. Perhaps he was the current head of OBOD. I’m not sure about that. So I paid my fee but realized I was wearing clogs on my feet. Not good for making your way down a rushing stream on paved stones. I told this to the guy in charge. And he told me he had just the thing for this situation. Boots. I took the boots and put them on. I stood at the beginning of the stream. I began my adventure.

I made my way down the slippery stream bed. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. But I kept walking. I nearly lost my balance a few times. But I kept at it. Finally I was at the bottom of the hill. I had made it!

The crowd of people cheered. My husband hugged me. I was tired but exhilarated. I had done it!

Then I woke up.

I pondered the meaning of the dream. It seemed pretty obvious. I had decided to do something challenging. I was given assistance on this trip. I successfully made my way through it. And there were rewards at the end.

Interesting how your subconscious mind processes your waking reality. I am on this new exciting path. Sometimes I moved quickly. Sometimes slowly. But always moving forward. It’s a journey.

So that was my dream. What have you been dreaming lately?